Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Soap Box, A Pirate, & A Sports Bra

Last night I took Jedrick & Bo to see Pirates of the Carribean #85.

Pardon me while I grab my skirt and slowly step up onto my soap box.


Oh, and a warning ~ this post contains the word "boobs." No offense.

Disney has clearly run out of any sort of clean humor and has now resorted to bringing actress (using the term very loosely) Penelope Cruz into the series who is good for nothing other than her boobs and continuous sexual innuendos. 

Right from the beginning Cap'n Jack rips open her shirt (what the...) and her boobs are out there for the rest of the show. Some scenes are even shot with her head almost cut off. . . .  I suppose so we all know how boobage flings about while sword fighting. Now all women know they should wear a sports bra ~ preferably covered by a shirt ~ when participating in such activities.

Have you noticed women running around in their sports bras? Did I miss something? We wore those UNDER our jerseys while participating in sporting events.

I digress.

Shame on me for taking my two teenage children to a movie that included Penelope Cruz and her good-for-nothing body parts.

Now, would a gentleman please take my hand so my ranting, pregnant self doesn't fall down as I step off of this soap box.

Thank you very much-o.