Friday, July 1, 2011

A Threat

This evening I tried to take a few minutes to call my step-mother to wish her a happy birthday. Meanwhile, I believe I received an idle threat from Cheroo who does not like it when I am on the phone.

As we sat in the car waiting for her sister to be done with a class and I made my birthday phone call, Cheroo proceeded to turn on the emergency lights.

I turned them off.

She turned them back on.

I turned them off again.

Suddenly, through clenched teeth in my ear, I hear "Mom, if you don't take me to the bathroom ~ I am going to do it again."

Where did she learn this!?!

Someone really wanted my attention.

Needless to say my happy birthday phone call was cut short and we headed in to the bathroom.

I didn't want anyone peeing to get my attention!