Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Flashback #1 - A Broken Conscience

I thought it would be fun to post a flashback every Friday ~ something from my past whether it be funny, obsurd, heart-wrenching . . . whatever . . . something my readers can count on being there each Friday. Aren't you all totally dying to know more about my secret past? Believe me ~ it's juicy. . .
Okay, maybe not so much. Hope you enjoy!
Friday Flashback #1
A Broken Conscience

Over the years I have enjoyed listening to moral childhood stories. It seems as though so many people are able to gain great wisdom from lessons learned as children and share them with others to lift and inspire.

Me? No.

When I share a story about my childhood it usually boils down to one word ~ naughty.

I tried to be good but someone forgot to bless me with a fully functioning conscience.

I often hear stories of people who stole candy as a child. They felt so terrible inside while chewing the delicious candy that they spit it out and immediately confessed the dirty deed.

Me? No.

I distinctly remember walking to Albertson's as a child with a friend of mine and loading up a plastic bag with candy corns from the bulk bins. I stuck it in my pocket, walked out, and headed home eager to stuff my greedy little mouth.

Where was the guilt?

You know, I enjoyed every last candy corn and only wondered if they would recognize me at the store if I went back for more. They were so good!

I am happy to let you know that I have not grown into a cleptomaniac. I didn't go back for more candy corns . . . only narrowed my thievery to friends' shoes or clothes that I felt I couldn't do without.

Shameful I tell you. Shameful.

Somewhere a seed was planted though and I somehow grew me a conscience as I got older. It is a constant friend now . . . I just wish I'd had it all along!

The moral: People can change!