Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Life Has Been Taken Over!!

For sixteen years our family has eaten dinner together. With the exception of a night here or there when someone had another engagement, it has always been our entire family.

What a huge bonding time for all of us. We laugh, joke, and even throw things at each other sometimes (pea pods are our favorite).

Recently we have found our lives taken over by sports. We've always been careful not to over-schedule the children.

Here's the basic rules:

1 ~ Thou shalt not over-lap thy sports
2 ~ Thou shalt not play hockey which would put thy family in the poor house
3 ~ Thou shalt choose whether thou wilt attend practice/games on Mondays and miss Family Home Evening
4 ~ Thou shalt not choose sports with Sunday commitments

Pretty simple. Funny though ~ #1,2 & 4 weren't even an issue when I was growing up.

Then came this brown pig-skin that has taken over every night and Saturday afternoon.

Yeah ~ he's ready to catch that pig-skin if you can't tell. I couldn't find one for the picture.

Jedrick LOVES it! This is a kid who could just about take or leave anything. Check out this post for more on that. He finds himself in football heaven.

I have recently realized that rule #1 works with one kid playing sports. But as they all get older their sports WILL overlap their siblings sports. Yikes!

I now find myself with Bo playing volleyball (pictures yet to come) and Jedrick playing football. AT THE SAME TIME. Do their practice times coordinate? Heck no. Games? Nada. I am dropping off and picking up during my well-planned dinner time. The problem is ~ few are at home to eat it and there is no magic fairy here making it while I'm out. In the first 2 1/2 weeks of school I've made a homemade dinner a whole three times!

I'm grateful for an article I just read about a mother with three adopted children. Her perspective was wonderful. When life is busy taking her children to & fro, she feels she has the best job on earth.

I must agree. 

Though very busy, these are such exciting times. And being a mother really is the best job on earth.