Monday, August 15, 2011

The Night-Before-School-Starts Tradition

For Family Home Evening each year before the first day of school we have a tradition that our children look forward to. Stern and I gather all of the children together into the living room. Tonight Bo asked if we could sing "Families Can Be Together Forever."

My heart swelled within me as I looked around the room at each of my children singing

"Families can be together forever through Heavenly Father's Plan.
I always want to be with my whole family.
And the Lord has shown me how I can."

I was asked to give the opening prayer and then I watched as my husband, their father, dressed in his Sunday best give a Father's Blessing to each of his children.

As he progressed from oldest to youngest it was so precious to watch the anticipation on younger children's faces as it drew nearer to their turn. My heart softened as I observed my husband tenderly place his hands upon their heads and blessed each of them individually through the power of the Priesthood (a power only to be used in the service of others and never for one's self). Some were blessed with strength to avoid temptation, others to find joy. Some were blessed with a quickening of their mind, or to be an example to their peers.

Once finished they couldn't help but throw their arms around each of us. Even our sweet Chubbs ran and sat on the piano bench with her chubby arms folded across her chest, eyes wide open when she saw that her turn had come. She had to give everyone a love afterward, not just Mom & Dad.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses all of our lives. It has been restored in its fullest with no pomp or ceremony. It's quietly lived and daily changes the lives of those it touches.

I have much to be grateful for!