Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unknown Swelling and Scary Potentials

Pupa came to me and said "Mom. I think my eye is bleeding."

Sure enough she had a little pinprick on the outside corner of her eye that was seeping blood over her lower eyelid pooling in her eye. The pinprick was so small I told her to just hold a little piece of paper towel over it and I went back to cooking dinner.

Soon she showed me it was still bleeding and it bled all the way through dinner.

Bedtime came and the bleeding had stopped but I could tell her eye looked a little puffy. I chalked it up to rubbing a paper towel on it causing irritation.

I made a casual comment to my husband that her eye looked a little puffy.

Come morning I hear "Have you seen Pupa's eye this morning??"

Here's what I saw. . .

This was not normal!!

We iced it and got her to the doctor where full head x-rays were taken and labs to rule out preceptal cellulitis. Can I say how grateful I was to get the word back that it was NOT!?! I about fell off my chair when I read that treatment requires immediate hospitalization and  it causes brain injury and blindness if left untreated. Zoiks!

We still have no idea what it was that made my poor Pupa have to "use her muscles" to get her eye open. The swelling lasted about five days and slowly turned to a nasty black-eye looking thing.

You can see the sickness in the eyes of our otherwise bright-eyed, beautiful girl.

We sure love our Pupa and are grateful it was nothing serious.

Life is too short and can change on a dime.