Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bring On the Cadaver!

Upon our return to the orthopedic doc we learned that Bo's meniscus is just fine.


Buuuuut ~ she tore off her anterior patellofemoral ligament. "Her whaaaa?" was my thought.

She has a floating patella (aka knee cap) on one side. This means on Thursday we will be returning to Anchorage yet again, only this time to the hospital for surgery.

Bo even gets cadaver parts (oh yes, my friends ~ a dead person) to help put it all back together. I told her she should name it. She's hoping it will be bright purple, or something cool like that. 

That's probably irreverent, huh? Yeah ~ sorry about that. It's therapy for a pretty frightened 14-year-old girl. We really are grateful for the donor but we can't help but wonder if it will be girl parts or boy parts. After all, I would hate for her to start walking bow-legged on one side because she got a cowboy cadavers' parts . . .

I digress.

Bo's surgery will consist of three holes, two under the knee and one above for scopes, and a four-inch incision to insert the "new/used" parts to anchor that darn patella back into place. And her doctor will be drawing her own blood to inject her stem cells back into the knee for healing. 

He's pretty cutting edge.

So all prayers on Bo's behalf at this point would be greatly appreciated. As mentioned, she is pretty nervous and is hoping for a speedy recovery.

Thanks everyone!


Better late than never!

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Congratulations Bonnie!!