Friday, September 23, 2011

Brushing, Up-Chuck, & Nose Assaults

Twice a year we have this ordeal of going to the dentist. Our children completely take over their office and I swear they have to order new toys to replenish their stash when we leave. 

This time was Chubber's "Happy Visit" where she gets to sit in the chair and have a fun time at the dentist so she'll want to come back next time. I thought she'd love it. Not so much. She clamped her tiny lips shut and wouldn't budge. Not even to say "no." I would call it a "Mediocre Visit" this time.

Surprisingly, Cheroo hopped up in the chair! Six months ago was her "Happy Visit" at the ripe age of four and she wanted nothing to do with it. Here she was getting purple dye squirted in her mouth to reveal all of the places that Mom missed SHE missed. Her teeth were scrubbed, flossed ~ the works.

I was thinking back (Oh yes! A Friday Flashback!) when I was a kid and my brother and I would pile into my dad's bed on a Saturday morning. I seriously don't know how they could stand us there with our poop breath. When my kids (I won't mention names) don't brush and want to talk to me incessantly I think I am going to up-chuck all over myself. I finally have to say "Pleeeeease go brush your teeth! It smells like someone pooped in your mouth!" Is that gross? Sheer honesty I tell you.

I'm sure all of your children brush their teeth faithfully, morning and night, so you haven't had to experience this.