Friday, September 16, 2011

The Highlight of My Summer

Each year I venture out by myself with all of my children to the Alaska State Fair. This year I was tempted to find a babysitter for Chubbers due to her age but decided it just wouldn't be the same without everyone there.

I always choose a day when Stern is working, out of town, or otherwise engaged to save him the stress and anguish of seeing each of our children blow ridiculous amounts of their hard-earned money in such a short amount of time. I can see the sweat pouring down his forehead now ~ rippling through the multiple furrows in his brow. He doesn't protest the arrangements.

Here's how it works for our family:
  • Mom pays for parking and admission (fifty-two bucks!)
  • Mom buys ride tickets for children under 5
  • Buy your own food, junk, drinks, etc.
  • No one eats the food mom buys for herself (that means no bites, tastes, licks... nothin')
  • Mom doesn't carry any of your crap treasures
Our plan was to go on "buddy day" but the forecast was rain all week. While driving home Monday morning from picking up Jedrick in the SUNSHINE, I made a snap decision we were going right then. I pulled Bo out of high school unexpectedly, picked up the children, pulled cash out of the ATM (when it's gone, it's gone), and we headed north to the fair.
You can imagine how much people love being behind us in line when this happens. . .
Of course it takes FOREVER for all of them to squeeze their heads in. And we have to stop at EVERY one!

Going to the fair is an absolutely delightful time full of tons of laughing, treats, and all around silliness. They get my undivided attention all day long, and I get theirs.

The only downer this year: I couldn't go on a single ride with this basketball under my shirt. Next year!!