Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look Who Showed Up At Our Home!

How is it that I am sitting here this morning with THE cutest dog in my house & sleeping with my son?

Do I look like a dog lover to you?

I've sworn off dogs. It's like another child and I already have too much poop to take care of around this place. Invent a poopless dog and I may consider it.

He showed up yesterday while all of my children were playing outside. He loved it here! Aaaaand decided not to leave. We thought if we just went inside and ignored him he would find his way home. 


He scratched and scratched my front door. I foolishly thought if I put up a gate it would keep him from scratching up my front door. He just climbed up on it and scratched higher.

Pretty soon I see this face staring in our french doors from the back yard.

And he was shaking from getting chilly.

Poor guy ~ Can I leave him out in the cold for the night?

People! I have a conscience. . . now.

So we're still trying to find his home. Last night I prayed for the family who owns him that they would be comforted. I can imagine how my family would feel if we couldn't find such a **dare I say** sweet little puppy. I say puppy cause he's already chewed up a ball, killed a stuffed animal, and mangled some legos by 8:00 this morning.


Our cat has barricaded herself in a bedroom for the time being.

************** UPDATE ***************

After picking up Jedrick from school I decided to stop by the vet up the road from our home to see if they had one of those microchip scanners and they did.

He has a home!

When the gal called me we found out that he'd been stolen two months ago from her old mother 50 miles north of here! This makes us all happy that we are returning him to his rightful owner.

Don't we hang dog thieves? Wait. . . that's horse thieves. And we don't do that anymore.