Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Best Me . . .

About a year ago I had an a-ha moment that has stuck with me.

It has stuck with me so much that I had a vinyl sign made as a reminder to me that still hasn't been hung because the wall has to be painted first.

I was running every which direction trying to please everyone around me. If there was a free space on my calendar I was willing to fill it leaving no blank spots by the time the week started.

One can only do this for so long before one crashes and burns. Of course, I was this "one."

I was giving all that I had to everyone and everything and my husband and family got what was left over. And let me tell you, there wasn't much left over after running ragged all day.

Something had to change and while praying this was the thought that came to mind:

My Best Me . . . For My Family

Wow! How things changed!

How often do we give all that we have to a class for a good grade, work for that bonus, our calling, our exercise, or our hobbies and by the time we get home to our families we have nothing left to give. We rush through the evening grateful the children are in bed.

What if I changed all of that and did it backwards? Instead of spending hours on hand-outs, posters, etc., what if I spent that same amount of time on Family Home Evening, family scripture study, and left time after family prayer to talk, share our thoughts/feelings, and got everyone tucked into their beds filled with love for each of them.

I wanted that.

When I l began looking at my calendar and set aside time to dress and bathe children, cook meals, get laundry not only washed & dried but folded & put away, reading time, games, etc., there were only certain blocks available for other engagements. "I" was in charge of my time!

This also helped me to realize that it was okay to say "no" and I didn't feel like I had to explain or make excuses. I simply was not available. The consequences of not getting home by 3:30 meant that there would not be dinner on the table that night... or it was pizza. That gets expensive with a big family!

Incidentally I found that people don't like it when you say no and don't give them an explanation. Everyone wants to decide for themselves if your reason for saying no is "valid" in their mind. Try it. It can be entertaining.

My family needs me and when I put them first it is rewarding, calming, & uplifting.


And btw ~ If you want to get my quote on a cute board to hang on your wall ~ check it out HERE at the bottom of the page. So cute!!