Monday, September 26, 2011

Stern's 40th Birthday Bash ~ Among Other Things

It was a Par-Tay at our house over the weekend.

I'm not one to throw parties but I figured since Stern turned the big 4-0 last week I should try to put on some sort of surprise bash for him.

It was pretty easy to have a surprise party, I thought, because in all of our seventeen years together I have thrown him . . . let's see . . . ZERO parties. I figured it was time.

To make a long story short ~ I have tried to surprise Stern multiple times with gifts & things and he always ruins it figures it out. This time was different though. He was out of town for 10 days on a moose hunt and wouldn't even be home on his birthday. The invites were sent out via facebook (can I say that was the best way to invite?!) on Tuesday for a party on Friday. My kids were so excited they could hardly contain themselves.

He came home early. He was home on his birthday. He made so many plans upon his return that there was no time for a party. He wasn't even going to be here.

My pregnant emotions are kicking in at this point.

He has massive chores or the kids: paint the trim on the sheds, till the whole garden, etc. These are my cleaning helpers and he's just taken them away. 

The day before the party (my only day to clean) he offers for other children to be babysat by me. I hear him in the other room say "let me make sure if it's okay with my wife if you drop them off here." He walks in, sees my eyes that are shooting daggers at him and overflowing with tears, and says "Um... she has other plans." Darn tootin' I did!

Then he shows up with this. . .

Road kill
A closer look
Yeah . . . people eat road kill in Alaska. Hey ~ it's good meat.

Here's the little gal when they get through with her.

She's neatly tucked into an itty-bitty garbage can. Click on it if you want to see her little hooves sticking out. {dry heave}

By this point, through clenched teeth I say "I was trying to throw a surprise party for you so I will surprise you right now and say it's tomorrow night and you have to slow down!"

So much for the surprise. I ruined it ~ but I totally blame it on him, of course. Because I'm pregnant, and I can.

After much therapy from a dear friend who better not ever become a therapist because I couldn't afford her, there was a party on Friday evening. So much fun!! We had over 75 men, women & children converge on our compound. My contribution to the party: three homemade chocolate sheet cakes, ice cream, and pre-made food from Costco. Everyone else brought the good food. Now that's the way to party!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who came to celebrate one foot in the grave with Stern!

Happy 40th Birthday, Stern!!