Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Testimony Glove

Weekend before last, while attending Time Out for Women, I purchase the cutest book called The Testimony Glove. You can pick it up HERE if you're interested.

Gathering all of the children into the same room can be an ordeal. I get three in and while I go off looking for more, the first one's leave or go make a sandwich, and then I want them to come in but they can't because they have to eat in the kitchen, and on, and on, and on. Finally I stand in one place and yell "TIME FOR FAMILY HOME EVENING!" It's awesome.

After Pupa led us in a labor-inducing dance for the opening song "Do As I'm Doing" we knelt together for the opening prayer. I'm still trying to figure out why Chubber's runs off and refuses to EVER fold her arms. I'm too fat to chase her down at this point so she gets away with everything.

The children gathered around as I began to read The Testimony Glove and Coyote was my helper wearing the glove. I will admit that the younger children's attention span only lasted through half of the book so we're going to finish next Money. Aaaaand, I had to glue all of the velcro stickies back onto the glove because my children pulled them all off when they opened it. They brake everything.

After a closing prayer we ate the most delicious cinnamon rolls dropped off by Angie J. as a thank you for playing the piano Sunday night. Man, I will play the piano for her anytime if this is my payment! Yum, yum!!

Ahhhh . . . the wonderful chaos of it all.