Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Wood Pile & Child Labor

There has been a mountain of wood in my right front yard for, well, a couple of years now. (The same pile Stern referred to in his Guest Post). Some of you may remember when my truck was run through while hauling all those free logs from the side of the highway. Hey, everyone was doing it . . . just not everyone punctured their vehicle in the process.

My ever-so-loving Stern asked me what my inner-most desires were before this baby is born.

My response ~ "Get that stinking pile out of my front yard!" 

I mean ~ "Please take care of the wood in the yard."

He's so good to me.

Here's the whole family working to chainsaw, haul, & stack the wood . . . to a different part of my front yard. I'll take it.

I can't help but chuckle at Coyote on the left with his hands in his pockets. I'm sure he just finished throwing great loads of wood onto the front loader. And yes, Chubbers is still in her pajamas. Sometimes we forget to dress our wee one's.