Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Birthday, a Baptism, and a Blessing

Look who turned eight!

And what a day it was! 100% Pupa-Style.

There was the cake:
This dang doughnut cake cost more than a Costco sheet cake!

There was the party:

There was the baptism:

And there was a blessing:

I can't imagine there exists a more grateful, genuine birthday girl as Pupa.

After her daddy had lowered her into the water, completing the ordinance of baptism, she exclaimed with a beaming smile, "I got baptized! I got baptized!" And into the dressing room "I got baptized! I got baptized!" as she clutched the towel around her wet little body.

While dressing her back into her clothing she became concerned that her hair was too tangly to comb out. I assured her that it was okay because grandma had brought her brush for her to use. Her face beamed as she turned and said "oh! bless her heart."

She is filled with so much love and innocence.

Pupa is pure gold.

Welcome, my daughter, to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.