Friday, October 14, 2011

Blood, Stitches, & Pokies

Two days after arriving home with our new bundle o' joy, life was right back to normal.

And life wouldn't be normal without a trip to the ER.

Oh yes.

While Stern was acting as stand-in mom (because you know I'm always out driving on my tractor), Cheroo decided she was hungry. With all of the children either in the basement or upstairs with the baby and I, and dad on the tractor, she did what any self-respecting 4-year-old would do. She set to work making herself a sandwich.

While nursing I hear crying as Cheroo is making her way up the stairs to me. Her words are unclear at first. Yet as they grow louder I hear "I didn't mean to, Mommy. I didn't mean to!"

This is when I catch the first sight of the blood covering her hand and running down her arm.

What on Earth!?!

I see her finger has been filleted open through the fat pad and knew this was beyond my skills.
We make our way downstairs and it's now that I see the shattered jelly jar on the floor that she so sweetly tried to clean up herself.

Pupa had already ran to get her dad (this is her standing job ~ get help when there's blood) and I gave him orders to take her to the ER so they would give her 'sleepy juice' before they tried to sew her up.

This sweet girl has been poked with needles since day ONE of her life because she was born without a thyroid. She hates "pokies." And that is an understatement!

Poor Stern had already been traumatized the day before when he found out he had to hold her down for her thyroid blood draw. He now had to witness three men holding her down to sew up her finger.

No sleepy juice!!

This poor girl is so terrified of doctors now and I don't think this will ever change for her. No matter how many toys they give her afterward!

While changing the bandage the next day I had to ask Stern if my eyes were seeing correctly.

The wound was still bleeding, there was a stitch in the middle of the fat pad (no cut there) and another stitch in the flap (not through both sides).

I'm thinking I should take a picture of the awesome stitch job and send it in with their little ER survey they just sent me and ask if they really think I should pay for it.