Thursday, October 6, 2011

Play, Pause, Play ~ Part I

Did you know you can just pause labor when it isn't a convenient time?

Me either.

Friday night I gave myself six hours to deliver L'il peanut and be back home before breakfast. It was such a well laid plan! Bo had her meds for her knee, the ice was changed in her icer, the house was clean . . . perfect.

 Two minutes apart, dilating, effacing, mucus plug out, membranes stripped ~ he's on his way!

I was in labor but progressing RIDICULOUSLY slow. This was not like me and I was getting ticked as the hours passed and I could not get past 4 cm.

Come 8:00 AM Stern's cell phone rang and Bo was out of ice. I started giving instructions on how to start it up again and then thinking "all the kids are getting up. I don't have breakfast out. Will my little one's get cereal? Will Chubbs diaper get changed?"

Suddenly everything stopped.

I was almost FIVE centimeters dilated, 80% effaced, a head lodged between my hips, and I was home typing on my %$#@$% BLOG!! The symbols really say stinkin'. It just looked more dramatic with symbols. . .

I couldn't buy a contraction all day Saturday or Sunday.

Needless to say . . . I was a little miffed!!

Sunday evening I asked Stern if he'd like to make salmon for the family and I laid down for a nap. He woke me for dinner and while eating someone suddenly pushed the play button and my contractions immediately picked up where they'd left off two days before.

"Are you almost done eating?" I asked.

"Nope" came the reply.

"You need to be done soon" I demanded (lovingly of course).

Within minutes I was in the car and Stern was running about all over our land covering up the tractor and tying up loose ends. I was panicking a little but at least he was running ~ and he didn't check the oil before we left. This is a common practice when we're in a hurry.

 This is all L'il Peanut will let me write for now . . .

Be back soon!