Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beautiful Heartbreak

In light of what I have gone through so recently, this new song/video from Hilary Weeks has greatly touched my heart.

My favorite part is seeing everyone hold their signs displaying their unseen heartbreaks.

I was reflecting on an opportunity I had a few years back to serve in the church where I knew things about the women I was serving that others did not know, and I could not share. I realized how easy it was to love those women because I knew their circumstances; even those who seemed unlovable. It occurred to me the real challenge is to love each other when we cannot see their heartbreaks.

Can we really find joy in the challenges we face? 

I would not have asked to suffer from postpartum depression five out of seven births. But maybe, just maybe it has shaped me into the person I am today. 

I would not have asked to be in pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis but maybe, just maybe it has made me slow down and find the hidden treasures in life that I would have otherwise missed had I continued on the same course. 
Is it possible that our "beautiful heartbreaks" could be tender mercies from a God who loves us and doesn't want us to return to Him the same as we left, but better? Much better?

Before the birth of our baby, and for the first time, I held my sign high. I may have even sent out postcards, passed out flyers, and hung a banner in front of my home.

Postpartum Depression:
Just help me through. 
Please don't leave me alone.

And I made it through.

There is no shame in heartbreaks. There is no shame in suffering. There is so much we don't know about each other. If we all held up our sign there would be such an outpouring of love and support.

What sign do you hold?

Please leave an anonymous comment or attach your name if you'd like. I think we would all be surprised at the heartaches that are out there.

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