Monday, November 28, 2011

A Creeper From Outer Space

Last spring I wrote about Stern's decision to move the sheds. If you missed it you can read about it HERE. In short, I pulled our eldest son out of school to help and witnessed my husband "log rolling" our sheds across our land to their new resting place.

I was filming this amazing (yet primitive) feat while our little girls were gleefully jumping on the trampoline as you can see HERE.

Little did we know that someone else was taking pictures that day!

The Creeper in the Sky!

Could they have picked a worse time to take a historical photo of our place? You'll see back behind the house there is an enormous pile of CRAP that was hauled out of three sheds that day prior to their journey to their new home. My husband had also just torched an enormous pile of felled trees the size of our house (that was epic people).

And! It's' breakup in Alaska ~ the absolute ugliest time of year!

If you look closely at the bottom of the picture you'll see the little yellow bulldozer driven by a teeny, tiny Stern along with the shed that my eldest son is standing in to make sure nothing snapped inside during the move. Oh! And the cute, little trampoline my girls were jumping on.

For some reason this picture makes our lives seem so small!

You know, I'm really not sure how I feel about being photographed from space. Especially when I can pin-point the day it was taken. We would have all been outside waving had we known that a satellite was pointed directly at us at that moment.