Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day in the Life of . . .

'Round these parts we have us a high-schooler, a middle-schooler, two grade-schoolers, a pre-schooler, a toddler, and a newborn.

My days seem to be running together at this point without any differentiation between day and night; sleep and naps.

Mr. Binks is up at five a.m.

The older childrens' alarms begin at six a.m. and the pounding on the bathroom door commences. Doors open and shut over and over and over as I cringe just hoping the younger children won't wake up. Sometimes they do but most times they don't. We're then out the door by seven.

I come home to hungry children and fix food, feed bellies, administer medication, change diapers, dress little bodies, fix a bottle, get water, comb hair, direct traffic to brush teeth, wipe the child on the potty, put a pull-up on the other (who knows why at this point), use the potty myself and watch little fingers wiggle under the door all while replying to the repeated knocks "mommy can't hear when I'm in the bathroom" over and over.

Laundry is loaded in the washer, dishwasher unloaded, breakfast dishes gathered, wait ~ they're hungry again. Fix more food, gather dishes again, pull out something for dinner, direct children in their "daily chore." It's time to pick up the middle schooler.

Direct math, sneak a cat nap (that sometimes lasts two hours), redirect school activities, change diapers, redirect school activities, wipe bums, redirect school activities, console someone crying, time to pick up high schooler, off to physical therapy, no time to fix dinner, pick up pizza, try not to forget to put thawed meat back into the fridge, eat dinner, clean up, homework, stop children racing around the "circle" on their scooters, change diapers, make a bottle. . .

Time for family scripture study, tell pre-schooler to stop tackling everyone, give up on getting toddler to even stay in the room (it's more peaceful that way!), kneel for family prayer, group hug, get nailed in the mouth and get a bloody lip, bite said lip and try to keep smiling.

Tuck in toddler and grade-schooler, tuck in pre-schooler, toddler's back up, tuck in again, pre-schooler needs a drink, ablige and tuck in again, toddler is scared, "no you're not, go to bed," middle-schooler needs help with his new iTouch, high-schooler has homework, high-schooler is typing 'til after ten o'clock, Mr. Binks falls asleep at eleven thirty p.m., high-schooler wants to talk.

Feeding at three-thirty a.m.

Back up at five-thirty a.m.

And we do it all over again!

I'm sure I will miss this . . . sometimes that can be hard to imagine though!

I'm tired . . .