Monday, November 7, 2011

Postpartum Homeschool Moments

Did you know that during the Revolutionary War secret messages were written with invisible ink?

Why, yes.

And that special ink was . . . lemon juice.

In order to read the message you would hold the paper over a candle and the heat burns the lemon juice revealing the secret.

The only draw back ~ you have to be careful not to burn up the message like I did when I was demonstrating this coolness to my children. Picture me in the family room calmly explaining how careful you have to be and then running through the house with a flaming piece of paper trying to get to the kitchen sink.

One of those awesome homeschool moments.

Then there's the tasty gingerbread we made.
I think Chubbs was adding her own ingredients.

Sometimes we just want to have fun in the dress-up box. Here's Pupa trying to convince me that this outfit has something to do with American History.

I'm not so sure it was Batgirl that helped the Patriots win the war.