Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To Be Able to Hear . . .

A special speaker came to Alaska this past weekend for a special conference. I could hardly contain myself when I had heard he was coming . . . and to our stake center!

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

It is Elder Holland who speaks to my heart. It is Elder Holland who prepares his message for  me, and for me only. I'm sure of it.

Imagine my excitement at finding out I would be able to sit at the feet of this apostle. What an experience it would be!!

Then the day came.

My young children were relatively well-behaved for the first speakers but my anxiety began to rise as they burned out and it was getting closer to hearing Elder Holland.

I even took Chubbs for a little walk in the hall to try to calm her down just before he would stand to address us.

Uh. That didn't work.

She ran from me, turning her adorable eyes up at me long enough to say "Get me, Mom! C'mon! Get me!" And she was off.

I got her back in as Elder Holland was ready to speak.
Here is what I heard ~

"Brothers and Sisters . . . " Chubbs started messing my hair. Not good with short hair.

"And yes . . .  an example . . . read all I can about early apostles . . . leave a blessing . . . "

I was getting beat to a pulp here people. Chubbs was DONE.

". . . brethren  . . . priesthood . . . sisters . . . banner of faith . . . children . . ." I missed all that. I was trying to stay dressed at this point.

The thought came that I had so many times when my first three children were these young ages. "Why on earth do I do this!?!" And the answer came to my heart, just as it always did. "Because it is right." 

I felt at peace.

Alas, I will say that I am grateful to have heard the fireside given by Elder Holland the night before via the internet within the comfortable walls of my own home where my little ones could snuggle, run around, sing, fight, or do whatever else they did in front of my while I listened.