Friday, December 23, 2011

I Joined

A Gym.

I'm so excited!!

I'm thinking I could become a . . . what's it called? . . . a gym rat? Uh-huh.

I have all these plans for getting back in shape. Yesterday was cardio on some new-fangled not-so-elliptical machine and today I worked on upper body. I pushed pretty hard so we'll see how my joints hold up. Three hours later I'm not feeling any worse for wear. Yesss!

I am finally feeling Christmassy. It seemed to come late this year. I was pretty stressed about the logistics of stocking for the whole family and realized that it wasn't all of the shopping that made me feel Christmassy. In fact, I think it took away from it.

What finally brought the spirit of Christmas into my heart was when I began working on a gift for the three little girls with the rest of the family. Night after night we've worked together restoring an old doll house Bo and I found at Salvation Army. Recently I painted little wood peg people at a SuperSaturday. I enjoyed it way more than I ever would've dreamed.  The house is the perfect size for them.

**Pictures to come... after it's opened by the little peeps**

My older children had so much fun and got so excited as we cut blocks and transformed them from a block of wood to a refrigerator, sink & stove, beds with blankets, couches, entertainment center, and even a toilet. Each night one of them would say "Mom! Are we going to work on the dollhouse tonight?"

It really has been the true spirit of giving. Giving of ourselves.

I am excited for Christmas!

And a Very, Merry Christmas from a smiling Mr. Binks!