Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Learning To Let Go

My children love putting up the tree but I was dragging my feet this year and I didn't know why.

Possibly it was the fact that I haven't been able to get back into my full routine since the birth of Mr. Binks. Or because my house always seems messy from homeschooling.

I normally love to decorate.

One evening my little Cheroo said that she was really cold. She wasn't feeling well and I helped her into the tub. As I sat next to her prostrate little body I was feeling sorry for myself. I was thinking of all of the things that I used to do. I felt like I didn't get to do "anything" anymore.

While in this state of mind I was tenderly scooping warm water over her and a sudden peace came over me as I cared for my precious little girl. This IS what I like to do. This IS what matters.

I slowly stood up and walked downstairs to my other children to let them know that they could go ahead and put up the tree themselves while I held Cheroo. They were elated! This year I just sat on the couch witnessing their excitement and creativity from a distance and realized that they really don't need me to be directing all of this Christmas business. I just needed to let go.

This has become my favorite year setting up the Christmas tree because I really am doing what I love.

I am amazed that 8 lbs. of flesh can turn a household upside-down. Isn't it wonderful?