Sunday, December 18, 2011

Not Just a Weather Shift

We had a huge barometric pressure shift today.

The wind blew hard and it was a blizzard outside.

The clouds gave way to gorgeous (and very missed!) blue skies.

Coyote asked why we don't ever get warm "Hawaiia winds" in the summer.

That would be nice, but it wouldn't be Alaska anymore.

My joints hurt.


It hurt to climb and descend the stairs.

I started out in heals but ended up in flats 10 minutes later.

I couldn't squeeze the release lever on Mr. Bink's car seat to get him out of the car for church.

It hurt when he laid his head on my elbow to drink his bottle.
It hurt to hold him.

Yet I have so much to be grateful for!

My children love to hold their baby brother.

My heart swells when my chivalrous Stern puts out his arm so I won't fall.

The weather front has moved on and the pain is easing.

My life is good and there's no need to cry.

I can choose to keep smiling despite the pain.

I am happy.