Friday, January 6, 2012

A Delicious Dinner and Aspiring Thespians

Every year I spend all day Christmas Eve cooking our Christmas dinner. I have always loved it! It's a lot of work and a lot of food and then I don't have to cook all day on Christmas day.

This year was a little different.

I got up Christmas Eve and went to Zumba. So much fun! I came home feeling fantastical!!

I assigned Pupa to be in charge of putting together the nativity program for that evening. Usually I'm controlling of this too and want it to be so perfect it's miserable. I know... cool huh? I'm letting go.

Pupa got costumes for everyone and spent all day conjuring up a dramatic reenacting of our Saviors birth.

Bo, Jedrick, Cheroo, and Chubbs all jumped in to help with dinner and it was delightful.

Who needs pants?

Jedrick with his deviled eggs that beat out most of the women at church in the Iron Chef deviled egg cookoff

The pie maker striking a glamorous pose

Full of cheese

The crew (minus Mr. Binks who was sleeping)

Bo's pies. She made all of the crusts from scratch with no help from me. Three pumpkin, two banana cream, and a dutch apple. Eight eaters and six pies. Glutenous I tell you! We loooooove pies :D

And here we have a short clip of the program that evening. Mind you, Cheroo didn't want to be an angel appearing to Mary because she HAD to be a ballerina. Chubbs refused to be a sheep so we had Elmo in the stable (much to Pupa's dismay). You will see Mary on the donkey's back following Joseph to Bethlehem. In the forefront is Cheroo who just KNEW there were other people on the road so she had to be on her horse (again, much to Pupa's dismay).