Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Nightly Circus Routine

It's youth night.

Stern takes the oldest four and I stay with the younger three.

This usually works well. . . usually.

Today Pupa came home with strep. Stern took the oldest three and I kept the youngest four.

Pupa's crying, Mr. Binks is crying, Chubbs is potty-training.

I help Pupa while Binks screams. Chubbs pees on the wood floor. Cheroo is trying to bring Binks up the stairs to me. I save Binks. Chubbs is running around naked.

Pupa wants me to sing to her. I sing "Echos" by Mercy River until she's lost in delirium and then turn on the CD (hoping to fake her out).

I comfort Binks.

Why is Cheroo naked now?

Cheroo and Chubbs gleefully run around in their birthday suits while I put Binks to sleep.

Pupa down ~ check.

Binks down ~ check.

"Come on girls. Let's get your jammies on."

"We want to be naked! We want to swim in the tubby!" comes their reply.

"Noooo ~ it's not tubby time."


"Because you got in the tubby earlier and dumped who knows how many 16 oz cups of water all over the floor."

"But it was fun!"

"No tubby."

"Awwwwwww" they cry out in unison.

I read a couple of stories. I sing a few songs songs. They are asleep.

What's that I hear?

Binks is awake.

What perfect timing!!

It's great to be a mom.