Sunday, March 18, 2012

Duplicatable? No ~ It's Duplicable

I like learning new words.


This is my new focus. 

Is it duplicable? And if it's not, it won't work.

I had a super-duper a-ha moment today when I learned this word and I believe it may very well change my life.

Remember FlyLady? Her system is duplicable. Everyone can do it. It never changes ~ you just have to stick with it. I'm totally still doing it ~ I finished my 15 minute morning routine aaaaaat 4:30 this afternoon. But that's okay.

My husband's job ~ it's duplicable. The company gives them materials, shows them how to teach it, and the reps go out and do it. It works.

I have been thinking of my own life and family.

Am I duplicable? Let's see... no. I somehow missed that lesson when it was taught before I had children. I think I would fit more under the category of fickle ~ apt to change my mind every 10 minutes or so.

As I pondered (oh, yes, I have all sorts of time to ponder. Unfortunately sometimes it's when one of my children is telling me something and when they get done I realized that I didn't hear one word they said! Shameful! I digress.) Ahem ... as I pondered, I thought of someone I know whose life is dupicable.

I know a man whose life is totally organized. Totally. It runs like a well-oiled machine. When he does something, he does it the same way every time. Why does this matter? Because anyone who watches him can immediately turn around and duplicate what he has done with success. It has been well thought out and is done methodically. That, my friends, is what makes him a great teacher. "Watch me do it ~ now try it yourself" is his motto. Well, not that I've heard him say it but I'm totally sure it would be his motto if he had a motto.

Now, let me paint you a picture of complete non-duplicability. Wait, I don't even have to paint it. I snapped a photo of it. Go over here to see it. Impressive, right?

I am realizing now that had I not been so proud, or tried to reinvent the wheel, I could have learned a lot from this mentor mentioned above. 

I realize now that I have had a duplicable system in place. It's just not one I ever intended to create. 

I have a lot of work to do.