Friday, March 2, 2012

A Temper Gets Results... Unfortunately

While driving on a secluded back road with two of my children,  I passed a man, large in stature, who was obviously dressed for winter; hat, coat, cloves, snow pants, boots, etc. 

As I slowly swerved out around him he turned to me and put his fist in the air with his thumb raised like a hitch-hiker, pointing at his thumb with his other hand in an angry gesture. We all stared at him throwing a fit as we drove past. 

This was no small man. Big, strong, obviously angry man. Did he really think I was going to pick him up!?! Little me and my children? We watched behind us as he threw his arm up in the air as if I was there specifically to pick him up but missed him.

Obviously this experience has left me somewhat perplexed since I should be finishing up with dinner at the moment. 

Why on earth did he expect me to pick him up? But more importantly, why did I drive away feeling like I did something wrong?

As I've thought about this today, I realized one thing. People who throw fits of temper do it in order to control other people ~ emotionally. This stranger blew a gasket and I drove away doubting my decision.

How much do the actions of others control our decisions and keep us from doing what we know is the right thing to do?