Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Trip to Paradise

Sometimes mommies need a break. 

Sometimes those breaks are to the store alone, to yoga, or a date with a good book.

Sometimes, or maybe just once, mommies need a BIG break and that's just what we ladies decided to do. 

And yes, I totally saw all of this with my own eyes and took all of the pictures myself!

A typical Hawaiian Sunset - ya' know, the norm...
The ladies who brought me along. Note the amazing Hawaiian backdrop ~ we totally planned that.
My new favorite flower... Plumeria
A note home to my little loves
Tasty food after an awesome day at the beach
One of my favorite pictures! Robyn about drown in the background while her loving sister laughs hysterically. Katie almost made the wave but was quickly sucked under as Bobbi gleefully heads to shore. These ladies have skills!!

Beautiful scenery but it needed something more....
So I stuck Cathie in it!
I was so safe when I took his picture of Melinda's Jeep while driving following in her Armada. I just couldn't pass it up!
"Are you the boss of these guys?" Yeah. She totally is.
A view out the back windows of the house. Not a bad way to wake up in the morning.
Me & my girl. Can you tell she's 7 months pregnant? I'm thinking I look more pregnant than she does!

These are the coolest trees ever. They send down vines that attach to the ground making them HUGE!

This trip was full of fun excursions, fun ladies, and lots of laughs.

A huge thanks to "The Boss" for pulling it together!